Forrest General Cancer Center Receives Donations

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – (February 2, 2022) The Forrest General Cancer Center is on the receiving end of gifts for cancer patients put together as part of a special project by Temple Baptist Church in Oak Grove. Church members have a goal of serving 50,000 hours throughout the community during the next five years. The project is called “Next Gen 5th Sunday Serve.”

According to Kelli Brent, TBC Next Generation director, Temple families were invited to stay after Sunday’s church service and serve the community. “We call it Next Gen (generation) 5th Sunday Service. We had various projects – from decorating bags for Edwards Street Fellowship Center to picking up trash in medians and creating these bags for cancer patients at the Forrest General Cancer Center,” she said. “All of this is done as a way for the families in our church to reach that goal over the next five years.”

The event occurs every fifth Sunday which there are four of in 2022.

Items donated to the Cancer Center included ChapStick, lotions, blankets, socks and other items to benefit patients undergoing treatment. This was a project of those in preschool through the teenager years. “We thought this was a project that our preschoolers could do really well,” said Brent. Saylor Davis, 12, said it was to be able to help. “We stuffed bags and tied ribbons and had fun doing it,” she said. Kinsley Bradley, 10, said the church helped purchase the items which were donated to the Cancer Center. “We also helped decorate bags.”

“The Bible tells us that Jesus wanted the little children to come to him. He tells us in His Word to serve Him by serving others,” said Ramona Martin, RN, a nurse patient navigator at the Cancer Center. “These little ones are being the hands and feet of Jesus, ministering to our cancer patients in their time of need. The staff at the Cancer Center are able to see firsthand how much these comfort packets and blankets mean to the patients. When they have a difficult day of cancer treatment and are handed one of these gifts, their faces light up! They know that someone cares for them. It takes away a little bit of the gloom and brings on a lot of sunshine!”

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