Forrest General Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center, Stroke Program Re-Accredited for Three Years

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – (February 3, 2022) Forrest General Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center (FGRC) has received a 3-year certificate for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The accreditation applies to both the Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs for Adults and Forrest General’s Stroke Specialty Program. A CARF accreditation signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback and serving the community. Accreditation also demonstrates a provider’s commitment to enhance its performance, manage its risk, and distinguish its service delivery. 

“I’m really proud of our Rehab Center team for continuing the highest level of care during some of the most challenging years we have faced in healthcare,” said Donna Wheeless, administrative director of Rehabilitation Services. “Achieving both General Program accreditation, as well as Stroke Program accreditation, takes all of us working to ensure these standards are achieved and documented. Incredible teaming by our nursing staff, therapy staff, social workers, admissions and quality coordinators is essential to making this happen. Our Rehab leadership team is blessed to have such dedication to quality.”

Forrest General Hospital’s Rehabilitation services are located on the campus of The Family YMCA in Hattiesburg. This facility provides resources to provide a wide range of therapy services for each patient’s individual recovery process.

The survey report noted the following facility strengths:

  • FGRC has a long history rooted in the healthcare system and the community and has an engaged, tenured, and committed leadership team.
  • The organization has an established partnership with local colleges and universities that has had a positive impact on the recruitment of clinical staff, both nursing and therapy.
  • The organization has been agile and creative in its retention efforts and strategies during a season of a tough labor market.
  • The organization is committed to the rehabilitation unit as evidenced by its investment in capital funds for renovation, relocation, and clinical state-of-the-art equipment.
  • The program leadership is focused on program improvement and the outcomes of the persons served. Its journey to high reliability is apparent in its operations approach to rehabilitative care and the commitment of the team to accomplish excellence. There is a real sense of pride and ownership by the leadership and the staff.
  • The organization is commended for its focus on patient centeredness as it relocated the rehabilitation unit to include direct access for easy patient transfer training and access to the unit.
  • The organization is fortunate to have an engaged and well-tenured medical director who is committed to the program and the community.
  • The facility is homelike and a pleasing aesthetic. The paint colors, design, cleanliness, and lack of clutter add to a therapeutic environment.
  • The program is committed to patient and staff safety through the purchase of a new device that allows patients to ambulate with dynamic body weight support.
  • The program provided a vision statement contest for the staff members for them to be engaged in the process of crafting the vision statement. This allowed for staff input and engagement in this important task for the program.
  • The staff is recognized for creating an environment and relationship in which the patients feel the caring and friendliness of the staff and the offering of emotional healing, which aids their progress in functional and physical recovery.

About Forrest General Rehabilitation Services

At Forrest General, we have specialized rehabilitation teams for one purpose: Your recovery. Because we know that each patient’s recovery path is different, we offer a wide variety of personalized therapy and care. We offer both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation for those in need. Rehabilitation services offered include Speech therapy, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Balance and vestibular rehabilitation, Pediatric rehabilitation, and Barium swallows. For more information, visit

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